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Why is my Faucet Leaking?

It is very easy to simply let a slowly dripping faucet sit for extended periods of time. If the water were dripping in the sink, and not leaving any mess, why would anyone even bother to fix it? The problem is that a leaky faucet, no matter how slow the leak, wastes water and raises a monthly water bill. The other issue is that slowly leaking faucets, given time, will turn into big leaks. It is very plausible to find a flooded bathroom one morning.

There are several reasons why a sink might begin to leak. If you see that water is dripping from the base of the faucet or water knobs, the problem is a worn or broken O-ring. This rubber rings helps to prevent spaces between pipes and the faucet. The rings will always break overtime, and so it is just a matter of time before your faucet begins to leak.

Another common problem is a corroded valve seat. This piece connects the faucet with the spout. When water sits in this area it can lead to corrosion. This will end up causing leaks.
If a washer is installed improperly, leaks can occur. This is why it is important to contact a plumber in NYC, New York when you begin to see or hear a leak.

There are many different reasons a sink can leak, and so each reason requires a different solution. Contacting a plumber in New York will ensure that the leak is fix right the first time.

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