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Why does my Drain Overflow?

There is a difference between water that drains slowly and water that comes backup through drains. Although both issues should be resolved, the latter is more of a pressing matter. Many times, the water that is backing up in a sink is actually coming from the toilet. There is also a possibility it is coming from a washing machine or shower. Water that is pushed back up through drains could be contaminated, so for health reason a plumber NYC should be called.

You can try to identify why your problem is occurring before hand. The first step is to test your appliances. Does water backup only when you flush or when your washing machine is running? If backups are caused from a single source, it is an easy fix for a plumber. The issue could be as simple as a blockage in the washing machine line. The blockage causes extra pressure, which pushes water up through drains. If backups are caused by other reasons, it is possible for a plumber to do a full plumbing system diagnosis.

Considering the above problem is associated with healthy, clean water, it is important to trust professionals who know exactly what they are doing. DIY fixes could potential lead to worse and more expensive problems. Reach out for a plumber NYC today.

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