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Why are there Bubbles in my Toilet?

Some of you might be asking, why are there bubbles in my toilet? When we think of toilet water, we think of calm, clear water. When there are bubbles in a toilet, it is an indication that something bad is about to happen. It is a sign of a looming plumbing problem. As soon as bubbles are spotted, a plumber in NYC should be called to rectify the situation. Trust a plumber because they have the correct tools. For this job a person would need locking jaw pliers, a vice grip, a wrench, and specialized screwdrivers. Different toilets are configured differently, and so each different toilet most be taken apart differently.

Bubbles in the bowl are coming from the water line or the toilet. They could be caused by air being in the line. If there is a crack or loose connection, air will seep into the pipe. This creates excess pressure and bubble. If not treated quickly, the risk of pipes bursting increases drastically.

Another cause of this problem could be clogs. This problem also leads to excess pressure and bubbles. A clog will only get worse and that will shutdown your toilet completely. Having an unusable toilet is a nightmare (especially when it is the only option).

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