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When is it time to change Plumbing Pipes?

Throughout a home or office, one can find plumbing pipes. A good portion (most) is hidden behind walls, under floors, and in ceilings. Because we tend not to see plumbing pipes, we tend not to think about how they are doing. Regardless of material, pipes erode, deteriorate, and break over time. No plumbing pipe is designed to last for a lifetime, although some materials do last substantially longer. It is important to have a full understanding of the status of your plumbing pipes.

If you live in a newer home, chances are your pipes will be all right, but this doesn't mean you should forget about them. A lot of new construction will use galvanized steel, which has the shortest life span of any plumbing pipe. Knowing the material of your pipes will also helps depending on outside temperatures. PVC piping, which is also frequently used, has a tendency to freeze and burst if not properly installed and insulated.

Most common materials used in NYC prior the 1980s have a lifespans that barely break 50 years. Throughout NYC, there are homes that are older than 50 years. If you inhabit a space with some history, you should reach out for a plumber NYC to help assess the status of your pipes.

The only way to know when it is time to change pipes is to know what your pipes are made of and what they currently look like.

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