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To Keep or Replace a Faucet

Faucets in a home or office can suffer from many different issues that range from minor annoyances to serious problems. The right plumber in NYC will be able to assess and fix your problems whether it is repairs or new installation. Whatever your problem might be, it is best to take care of it sooner than later. It is always nice to receive a small bill for parts and work, and the longer you wait the bigger those bills will get.

The first thing that should be mentioned is that all faucets have a lifespan (although different types of faucets, types of water used, and amount of usage all affect lifespan). It is rather common for a person to replace a faucet when making renovations for aesthetic purposes, but there are other practical reasons to replace as opposed to repair.

Outside of the reasons mentioned above, the right plumber in NYC can repair most other problems.

Do you have a kitchen sprayer that doesn't spray with the same force as before? This isn't an uncommon problem, but it is a relatively simple fix. The problem is usually a result of an issue with your sinks diverter (you can find the diverter at the stem of the faucet). Once fixed, the sprayer should work just like new.

Sometimes the hot knob of a faucet can really stand for scalding.  This problem can make setting the temperature for showers and hand washing difficult.  For guests who don't know about the scalding knob, they could potentially hurt themselves. The issue is most likely caused by the water heater. Reducing the temperature of the water will save money and will keep your water at a reasonable temperature.

Whatever your faucet issue is, you should call a plumber in NYC to come and fix the problem.

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