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Thinking About the Environment with Plumbing

As more information comes out about global warming, more and more people are beginning to consider and alter their energy consumption habits. People are also considering how they use resources like water, gasoline, and electricity. With each passing year, more solar panels and wind farms are being created and installed. Most major companies have made a shift to creating more environmentally friendly products, and that is why you can find both TVs and Kitchen appliances that are Energy Star approved. There is even a big push towards energy efficient cars. When most people make alterations to their life style, they do so for good reasons, but it seems as if most people don't consider their bathroom appliances. Yes, people take cooler and shorter showers, they don't let the water run while brushing teeth, and they choose to not take baths, but they could be doing much more.

Going green with plumbing means replacing old, outdated pipes and appliances with new machines that regulate water waste. You could also tap into the energy that comes from directly below us. It will be expensive to make all the green changes in one renovation, but green plumbing can and should be taken in steps.

The first thing you should consider is replacing your toilet. Check how new your toilet is, and you should find out if it is a low flush toilet. Flushing toilets single handedly counts for the most wasted water. A low flush toilet has all the power of a regular toilet, but it uses less than half the water of a normal toilet. Over a long period of time this will add up to a good deal of saved water and money. Although you should considered the benefits to the Earth, going green will lower your monthly bills.
If you know that you will be living in a particular home for an extended period, you should consider geo-thermal energy. This will allow you to use the heat from the Earth to heat your water and your home. This is one of the greenest things to do in terms of plumbing. Although it will cost a good deal upfront, your heating bills will go to virtual zero.

You can buy small, inexpensive water regulators that go on the end of a faucet. You can put these on the ends of any faucet, and it will regulate the water coming from it. It will not lessen the pressure, but simply regulate the flow. Even these little devices can be used to help lessen water bills.

It is best to not go and do these renovations alone, so reach out for a plumber in NYC, New York. This will ensure the job gets done right the first time.

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