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Sump Pumps installation and Service

In many areas across NYC, flooding is a large problem.  Due to the proximity to coastal flood plains and high water tables, basements and homes have a high likelihood to flood. To combat any damages, a sump pump can provide homeowners with some security.

In short, a sump pump is a device installed in a low area of a house that prevents most floods. Located at the bottom of a sump pit, the sump pump removes unwanted water by pumping the liquid into the nearest storm drain, dry well, or detention pond.  Triggered by a float switch, the sump pump only turns on when the water inside the pit reaches a predetermined level. 


When looking to install a sump pump into a home or apartment building, your best option is to contact a professional plumber in NYC.  Plumbers can hardwire the machinery into a home’s electrical system so that it doesn’t need to be turned on and off by hand.  Additionally, a plumber can outfit the pump to use emergency energy sources, such as a battery, if the power goes out during a storm event.

To install the pump a plumber will assess where the lowest point of the basement is located. Then, after finding the proper area, a circular hole will be cut into the foundation. This area, known as the sump pit will be at least 12 inches deep, and lined with a mesh material known as the sump liner.  Coarse gravel will be added to the bottom of the hole to help promote good drainage and move the water into the pump.  Once the hole is dug and lined the plumber will concrete over the outside of the pit.  Lastly, the pump itself will be placed into the pit, attached to an electrical source, and tested to see if it is in working condition.


Once a pump is outfitted into it’s sump pit, it requires relatively little service.  On occasion, make sure that the pump is standing upright, and that it’s electrical source is functional and uninhibited. Often vibrations from a storm event can cause the pump to shift, or detach from an electrical outlet.   To test for mechanical errors, manually pour a bucket of water into the hole to check if the pump begins to drain. If the pump doesn’t start, contact your local plumber to address the problem.

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