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How to Choose the Appropriate Bathroom Faucet

When browsing the web or isles of home good stores, a person can get inundated with too many choices for bathroom sink faucets. You will find faucets in different sizes, colors, finishes, and functions. These devices range from inexpensive to rather expensive. Considering the amount of options, it is imperative to think before purchasing. Buying a faucet that isn't optimized for your bathroom can end up wasting water, making a mess, and costing too much money. Below we will be going over different options for you to consider before buying your new faucet.

The first and most important consideration is the faucet type. This is even more important if you are retrofitting a new faucet in a pre-existing sink. If you already have a sink, purchasing the wrong faucet will ensure that there won't be a proper fit. You can purchase:

A single-hole faucet puts the spout and mixing handles together. For the most part, there is a single mixing handle that controls on/off and hot/cold controls. These are best for small sinks because they take up less room than most other faucets.

Center-set faucets are for your typical three-holed sink. This is the most common type of faucets. They can come with a single lever or with two handles.

Buying widespread mounts come as three separate pieces. It comes with a spout, hot knob, and cold knob. You need at least 8 inches of space to install this faucet.

Lastly, there are wall mount faucets. These are uncommon faucets, but they help to add style to a bathroom. Ideally, these should be used with vessel-type sinks (freestanding), which require a longer spout. The style is different but the function is the same.

Besides type, you have a whole slew of different finishing options. Your options include:

When buying a new faucet, you will want to consider a low-flow option. These options will save water and money. Considering the importance of conserving water, these types of faucets are the most environmentally friendly. They cost a bit more upfront, but that money is made back through lowered water bills.

When installing the new faucet, make sure you reach out for a plumber in NYC. A plumber will ensure that the device fits perfectly. A plumber in New York City will have ample experience with these installations so don't hesitate to reach out for help.

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