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How does a Plumbing Snake Work?

Dealing with clogged drains is never a pleasant situation, and usually clogs get worse when left unattended.  Clogs that are left to get worse require more difficult solutions. Most of the time a plumbing snake will be used to clean out bad clogs. A plumbing snake is sometimes also called a toilet jack or an electric eel. You will use a plumbing snake when all other methods of drain cleaning fail, or if you want to make sure your clog is fully fixed the first time you clear it.

Most people own a plunger and/or drain cleaning products. These products can work for small clogs, but they will never be able to fully clean out your pipes. The two above products will push debris through and dissolve it, but there is a strong chance it will leave some debris behind. This leftover debris will cause you to get clogs more frequently. This will make you have to use your plunger and use chemicals rather frequently.

Chemicals aren't great for your plumbing or water main, so it is best that you don't use them all to frequently. If you find yourself continually using these cleaners then you should reach out to a plumber in NYC. They will bring high-quality plumbing snakes that will completely obliterate your clogs. All this can be done without harming your plumbing system at all.

In essence, a plumbing snake is long bendable metal wire that is coiled at the far end. The wire is mechanically feed from the device while being fed carefully into your drain. As the wire is being pushed, it is also spinning. The spinning coil can destroy whatever clog it encounters. After the clog is obliterated, the wire is retracted back into the device.

It is possible to buy and operate your own plumbing snake, but you should know that there are different types of snakes for different jobs. The most common snakes are:

Drum augers: This snake has modular blades, and it should be used on pipes that have different gauges. This snake requires the most diligence and care with use.

Closet auger: This snakes works best with toilets.  It has a smaller coil at the top, and it is easier for it to make the bends toilet-piping makes.

Hand auger: This works best on sinks, tubs, and shower.

Each of the snakes must be handled in a specific way. Considering this, it may be more cost effective to simply hire a plumber in NYC, rather than buying a snake for your home.

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