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Different Types of Sinks

There are many different types of sinks available for bathrooms in NYC. When looking to purchase and install a new fixture, there are a few variables to consider aside from aesthetics. This article will aim to assist those in the market for a new sink, so that they can make the most edified decision on the proper sink.

The first step towards purchasing the correct bathroom sink is to find a faucet that is compatible with the current fixture, or to consider buying an entirely new fixture. The three most important variables to grasp about bathroom sinks are: installation, configuration, and material.  You need to consider all three of these concepts in order choose the most appropriate sink.

Installation is defined as the method in which your sink is installed, which heavily weighs on the type of sink that you purchase.  Configuration is defined as the way in which the sink is actually designed, in relation to faucet compatibility.  Lastly, the material is what the sink is made out of.

Types of installations:

Wall mounted sinks: wall mounted sinks are affixed to the actual wall and are extremely efficient space savers. As a result of being mounted to the wall, there is a myriad of space available underneath the wastebasket, which makes these sinks perfect for small, New York apartments. The only downside to a wall mounted installation is that they typically have exposed plumbing and drainage pipes, which can be aesthetically unappealing.

Pedestal Bathroom sinks are a hybrid between wall mounted sinks and bathroom vanities. The sink is still attached to the wall, but simultaneously rests on a supportive pedestal. This sink is additionally good for small spaces, but doesn’t provide additional storage space.

Configuration:  The sink’s configuration has to be compatible with the type of faucet that is currently installed, or a new faucet has to bought entirely.  For example, if the sink is drilled for a three-holed faucet, the sink must be affixed with a faucet designed with one spout and two handles for temperature.


Each different sink material supports a varying purpose. 

Cast iron sinks: These sinks are designed for durability.  They are extremely easy to clean and can be designed in a variety of different colors.  Cast Iron sinks are vulnerable to chipping and rust.

Porcelain- Porcelain is the most common material for all plumbing fixtures. These materials are durable and easily cleaned, but like the cast iron sink, they are also subject to chipping and damage.

Whatever sink you choose to purchase, you should always enlist the help of a professional plumber in NYC. A professional plumber can provide efficient service, without the risk of unnecessary damage.

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