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Different types of plumbing pipes

At the turn of the 20th century, there were not as many options for plumbing pipes. A log had holes bored in them long-ways, and was the original plumbing pipe in NYC. These pipes were difficult to make and they were even more difficult to maintain. Since the early 1900s, things have changed rather drastically in the world of plumbing pipes. When one looks under their sinks and behind their walls, there is a multitude of different pipes that can be found. Each different type of pipe serves a specific function. The rest of this article will be devoted to describing and explaining the different types of pipes and why they are used.

Plumbing pipes can be broken down into two separate categories: plastic and metal. There are different types of metal and plastic pipes. Each pipe serves its own function, so it needs to be picked and used properly. If not, pipes can erode, crack or burst. If you want to avoid a major plumbing bill it is best to contact a plumber in New York City. They can help to determine the best pipes and install them properly.

For the easy transportation of high-pressured water, a plumber will turn to PVC piping. The pipes are made in different sizes, ranging from a 1/2 inch to 4 inches. It is important to note that hot water is very bad for PVC piping. Long exposure will cause the pipes to warp and as soon as they warp they will need to be replaced.

CPVC is like PVC piping, but it has also undergone special chlorination treatment. This gives the pipe a yellow coloring. Due to the use of this treatment, these pipes can handle cold and hot water. They are designed with thinner walls than PVC pipes, but at the same time maintain the same outer diameter as copper.

Copper is the most frequently used metal plumbing pipe on the market and is used in most homes. It is more expensive to produce and buy, but the expense can actually pay off in the long run. Copper can withstand very high temperatures over prolonged periods of time and is also corrosion free.

Stainless steel pipes are strong and durable but they are not commonly used. You will not find these pipes in homes because they are more difficult to work with, and more expensive to acquire. These pipes can withstand heavy flows of salt water, which is why they are commonly used in marine environments. Copper pipes would erode from being in contact with salt water.

It is best to leave finding, buying and installing new pipes to professionals. Call for a plumber in New York City today and take control of your plumbing.

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