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Common Water Problems for the Tri-State Area

Water quality in the home is extremely important, and it's important to be mindful of your water because different places and regions have different water conditions. The taste, smell, and feel of water changes deepening on where you live. They type of water can also affect the way water works and flows through your pipes. Do you get ground water or well water? In some cases it is possible for contaminants to enter into waterways. Even older piping can cause water to take on certain qualities. In this article we will be discussing common issues that arise with water in the home. If you are worried that there might be issues with your water it is important to call a local plumber in NYC or NJ.

One of the most common issues in Delaware is hard water, but it can be found in NYC and NJ. This type of water has minerals in the water (this includes calcium, magnesium, and iron). There is no proven health risk associated with drinking this water, but it can damage skin and hair, as well as making messes in your sinks and bathtubs. If this water is used for long periods of time, it could affect the flow of water due to causing clogs in pipes.

If you notice that there is an orange rust or black staining, it is a result of iron and manganese in the water. Not only will you see stains in the kitchen and bathroom, but you will also see it in your clothing (this type of water can stain clothing). There are water softening and filters that can be used to fix this problem.

Cloudy water could also be a problem to deal with. If you pour water into a glass, and it comes out cloudy, chances are there is suspended or fully dissolved solids in your water. The technical term for this is turbidity. This issue can be caused natural or when construction moves the ground.

Blue and green staining is a result of a low pH. Just like orange rust, this coloring will stain your bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and clothing. An acid neutralizer can be used to eliminate these stains.

You do not have to settle for dirty, unclean water. Call a local plumber in NYC or NJ, so that they can rectify your water problems. Get the best water your can.

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