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Common Plumbing Terms

When you own a house, it is certain that you will face plumbing issues. Even the newest of homes will eventually face problems. For most problems, you will have to contact a professional plumber Manhattan. A plumber Manhattan will be able to fix the issues correctly the first time.

However, there will be some minor issues that you will be able to repair yourself. Before you begin any do-it-yourself plumbing jobs, you will need to become familiar with standard plumbing terminology. The more you know about your plumbing fixtures, the more comfortable you will be.

Aerator - An aerator is a device that is screwed into a faucet spout. It mixes air into running water. This process helps to control flow and reduce splashing.

DWV - This is an acronym for Drainage, Waste, and Vent systems. These systems remove wastewater that is not suitable for drinking.

Grease Trap - While you are not supposed to pour grease down the drain, it happens. A Grease Trap captures oil before it reaches the sewer lines.

Minimum Run Time - When you are refilling the pressure tank, you run the pump for a minimum length of time. This range is referred to as the Minimum Run Time.

Tank Cross - The Tank Cross is a double-tee-shaped fitting. It is installed between a shallow well-pump and the bladder tank.

Wet Vent - A Wet Vent is a drain or waste pipe. It can act as many fixtures on the same line.

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