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Brown Water in Bathrooms

In NYC, homeowners sometimes run into the problem of brown water. This can be found in all faucets, or it can be localized to the bathroom. It is not uncommon to find clear water in a kitchen and brown water in a bathroom sink and toilet. This is the result of different water heaters and mixing valves. Regardless of where you find brown water, it is necessary that you attempt to fix the problem immediately. First, brown water will usually stay until the problem is rectified, and secondly it is very unhealthy to consume. The health risks are especially bad for the old, sick, and young.

There are a few tests you can do in order to try and identify where the problem is coming from. In certain cases the problem can be fixed by flushing pipes for 6 minutes. This means letting the water run and flushing toilets. Hopefully this will clear your system and no further actions will need to be taken. Unfortunately the solution is not always this simple. If your water stays brown, reach out for a plumber in NYC. Only a plumber in New York City will be able to fully solve the problem. Don't live with unhealthy brown water.

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