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Avoiding Simple DIY Mistakes

Many homeowners may attempt to fix problems themselves when they arise. They may think they’re saving themselves money by not contacting a plumber NYC but ultimately wind up costing themselves a lot more if it’s not done properly.

One common DIY mistake is the use of the wrong tools. Many people use the wrong tool when fixing a clog. There are many ways to fix a clog but it’s important to use the right tool to avoid any further issues. The best solution is using a simple plunger to fix a clog. If the plunger doesn’t work, an auger may do the trick. A toilet auger is specifically designed for a toilet.

Overloading the garbage disposal is another common mistake. Garbage disposals can jamming if overworked. Additionally, placing the wrong items in the garbage disposal is a problem as well. It’s important to be mindful of what items are being placed in the disposal. Starchy foods, such as vegetable peels and pasta, can cause jams.

Many homeowners like to hang shower caddies or other hanging objects on their showerheads or handles. They are hung up for convenience but can ultimately cause a lot of trouble. Excess weight on fixtures can cause damage so it’s best not to hang anything on your fixtures.

Plumbing NYC issues in homes are almost inevitable. They will arise and it’s best not to take care of them yourself. Trying to fix the problems that occur can wind up causing more problems. It’s best to turn to a professional plumber right away so it’s fixed the right way.

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