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Avoid Frozen Pipes this Winter

When the temperature starts to drop, the fear of frozen pipes is on the mind of every homeowner. The winter can be loads of trouble for plumbing NYC fixtures. If the temperature outside drops below freezing, there is a possibility that the water inside your pipes will freeze up. In most cases, the water will eventually thaw once the temperatures rise. However, if winter is extra brutal, the frozen water could expand the pipes and cause them to break. A broken pipe leads to significant and costly damages. It is so important that homeowners do everything they can to avoid frozen pipes during the winter.

Take note of the location of every pipe in your home. Knowing this is the first step to preventing a frozen or burst pipe. Once all the pipes have been located, you need to make sure that they are well-insulated. Be sure to guard pipes that are outdoors or in areas of the home susceptible to cold. Heated tape or a foam tube can help to protect exposed pipes.

When winter finally does arrive, you should take steps to protect your home from the cold. If the temperatures are becoming extreme, the doors to the kitchen and bathroom cabinet should be left open. Any cabinet with pipes should be open.

An excellent way to avoid a frozen pipe is to leave the water running. You do not need to blast the water at full pressure. A small drip will do the trick. It may seem like a waste of water, but a burst pipe will be much more costly.

Despite taking the appropriate steps, there is a chance that your pipes will still freeze and break. If this does happen, do not stress. Simply call the services of a professional plumber NYC. A plumber will be able to fix or replace your pipes and assist with any water damage that may have occurred.

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