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New York City Plumbing Repair is devoted to helping you with whatever plumbing needs you have. Our company technician are not afraid of anything.

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We have 24-hour Emergency Service available and are able to take every call at any given time in New York City area. Contact us bravely and leave behind your plumbing problems.

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For all your homeplumbing repairs and new installations in NYC & Manhattan.  Our skilled and friendly plumbers nyc are committed to provide the highest standards of workmanship to all our customers. Whether your septic tank needs pumping, a restaurant's grease trap needs cleaning, swer and drain cleaning, leak repair, water heater repair or replacement - New York City Plumbing Repair can take care of the job to your complete satisfaction. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Don't risk improper installations, unprofessional service, or late completions. Call today at (212) 996-3425.

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With a highly trained and tested staff of plumbing and heating technicians equipped with the most advanced tools to date, we can service all of your family's plumbing and heating needs, including:

Patricia Nunez
Being a plumber isn’t hard if you have enough money to buy tools, a van, a shop, a website, etc… Being the best plumbing has is totally different the simply plumbing. NYC Plumbing Repair is a company who you can trust to get the job done right the first time. I hired NYC Plumbing Repair once to fix the kitchen sink, and a second time to help with the clog in my shower drain. I had previously hired a bad plumber, so I know the difference between good and bad. Hire Plumbing Repair if you need the best plumbing.

Francesca Melee
If you are looking for the best plumber then look no further than NYC Plumbing Repair. Last week I had an opportunity to meet with some of their workers, and that is because I had a big problem in my bathroom. I had never hired a plumber before, so as you could imagine I was a bit nervous. I hired Plumbing Repair to fix my bathroom, and they got to me promptly and worked quickly. They were clean, professional, and friendly all at once. I am glad I hired them. If I ever need a plumber then I know whom to call


Plumbing in NYCPlumbing in NYCMany homeowners are under the impression that they can complete NYC plumbing services on their own. However, most residential and commercial properties throughout NYC, have old pipes and plumbing. If you attempt plumbing in NYC services on your own on these delicate pipes, then you risk making a small problem much worse.

The licensed and insured plumbers have the skills, knowledge, and expertise necessary to handle any drain cleaning and plumbing needs that you may have, regardless of whether it is a small drain clog or a complex emergency service need. If you are interested in pursuing reliable plumbing, but don't know if you can afford the necessary services at the moment, then rest assured that we offer affordable prices and frequent coupons so that you can more easily afford the services you need.

What Does Plumbing Mean to You?

When you think plumbing, think about a company that pays close attention to minimizing your costs. We're human, too, and we don't want plumbing to be a scary thought. You can find great 24 hour plumber if you look for it. There is certainly no shortage of plumbers around the NYC area, but that doesn’t mean that all have the same tools, training, and work experience.

Are You Having Problems with Your Plumbing?

No one looks forward to having problems with their residential or commercial plumbing, but when you do, we're the right company to call. Finding 24 hr plumbers is simple, but finding the best plumbing has is a whole different game. If you are looking for the best plumber, then you need to search for it.

When It Comes to Plumbing and Heating Service - We Do It All. Don't wait until you need emergency repairs on your plumbing because it's faster, easier, and less expensive to find a potential problem before it causes an emergency situation that can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. The best plumbing has should mean that they work in the city, as well as the surrounding areas. We are known for 24 hour plumbing. call us at (212) 996-3425.

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New York City Plumbing Repair Emergency Plumbing Services in NYC. Our expert team is ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year throughout NYC. Give us a call to see what we can do for you today!
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